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Ceylinn Professional Repairing Argan 2 Phase Conditioner 375ml

Designed specifically to care for dry, weak, brittle hair, hair with split ends, and hair which has proven difficult to revive and restore to a beautiful appearance. The formulas of the cosmetics are based on one of the most valuable hair care ingredients, argan oil, also called the ‘liquid gold of Morocco.’ Argan oil is derived from organic sources and is the most valued oil in the world in terms of its nutritional properties. It is produced from the fruit of the argan tree, which only grows in one place in the world – southwestern Morocco. Since ancient times, argan oil has been used for skin and hair care and is now also available in our latest line of cosmetics and hair care products, the argan oil line.

Two-phase conditioner

This product rescues dry hair – either the full length of the hair or part thereof. Thanks to its light consistency and a practical spray bottle, it is quickly and easily applied to hair, immediately giving a sensual, soft and beautiful appearance. With the conditioner, your hair will be:

– Light and vital
– Nourished and strengthened
– Easy to brush and comb
– Regenerated in damaged areas
– Sensually shiny
– Protected against frizzing

The wonderful two-phase consistency and pleasant aroma of the conditioner will make hair care a unique ritual restoring the natural beauty of your hair. Use this item if the hair has knots or if you would like to comb/cut hair without washing it. This product is for men and women.