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Ant Lice Pyrethrum Care Regimen Kit

•Shampoo 250ml
•Leave-in Conditioner 250ml
•Lice Oil 100ml
•Disinfectable Lice Comb

Anti-Lice Pyrethrum Shampoo
Natural look Pyrethrum Shampoo can be applied directly onto dry hair. Once hair is saturated, massage shampoo into the hair and scalp to ensure maximum coverage and allow to act for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. Pyrethrum Shampoo is designed for gentle cleansing and protection of the hair and scalp so that it can be used everyday by all the family during seasonal outbreaks

Anti-Lice Pyrethrum Leave-in Conditioner
Apply Natural look Pyrethrum Leave-In Conditioner following the cleansing of your hair with Pyrethrum Shampoo. Spray thoroughly into the hair and use a fine tooth comb - starting from the back of the head - and take your time to ensure the removal of all nits (eggs). Pyrethrum Leave-In Conditioner can be sprayed onto dry hair daily and used by all the family to prevent further re-infestation.

Anti-Lice Pyrethrum Lice Oil
Spray Pyrethrum Lice Oil through the lice infested hair and scalp. Leave for at least 30 minutes. Lice Oil starts to act immediately. Comb the hair with a fine toothcomb - from the scalp to the ends of the hair - to remove head lice and nits during this time